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Âncora Sculpture

I will write my premise here, but first I have to ask myself, why have a premise? What do I expect from it and should I really expect something?

I write a premise because I am afraid. Afraid of not knowing where I am going, perhaps, but even more afraid of moving away from where I am, what I know, what I can see and what I already know how to explain.

Having a premise limits me, terrifies me and pulls me with each step. My premise is an anchor. Like any anchor it can't keep me static, I fight against it, I pull and maybe even drag it a few steps on more turbulent days.


The closer I get to the limits of my premise, I feel that fear and euphoria come face to face. An unstable situation, where both change places and prevalence at all times. Sometimes the euphoria of the new wins, sometimes the fear of what will come next wins. I live for the exact moment of this exchange.

I don't like to admit it, but having a premise calms me down. With it, I get time to explore and look around me, look up, ask more "why nots". Having a premise, I can muster strength and sharpen my curiosity to dwell on the limits, and even more importantly, I can build up the courage to endure the tension, tiredness and pain generated by this whole process. I breathe.

My premise is simple: Explore unions, generating tensions and forcing their breaking points, or seeking calmness in their balance points.

This almost abstract simplicity is the only thing I expect from my premise. I don't expect answers, I don't want paths or recipes. I am interested in these two simple moments, the moment of breaking and the previous one in balance. Moments of transformation, discovery and evolution to a new state, which occur all the time and we do not see.

Having this premise is thought provoking, everything can be united, everything can be balanced, everything can be forced to the breaking point. Everything. Everything is a lot. So I have a premise that anchors me in one place each time. Having a premise calms me down.

Materiais: Steel tubes, Galvanized steel tubes, Polyester rope and Nylon Cord.
Dmensions: 110x265x100cm

Year: 2021

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