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For about a year I have made approximatelly 30 projects on my own shop, mainly experimental furniture, recorded the process and posted the results on YouTube.

I infused into my ideas some of the hybrid elements present in my day to day.
In one hand some of the chaotic urban living represented on the shapes that sometimes provoke uneasiness, as well as on the cold concrete and metal materials used. In the other hand a more traditional background present in the woodworking techniques and in the use of different local hardwood species with their different characteristics and symbolism.


I wanted to share the process and evolution of several ideas that end up materializing and changing its shape as new ideas and solutions appear during the production process. Filming this process means that anyone will have access to see what happened at the very first time that I executed each new idea unafraid to show what worked or not, thus creating a collection of ideas and paths that reflect my own evolution.

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