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Timpano Lamp

This piece was also an exploration in balance and weight inspired by the Timpano Sculpture.


This one also followed the same process of production as the first sculpture that demands a strong physical interaction with the materials. Every element seems to be fighting for its own space while being symbiotic at the same time.

On this one I have actually moved two steps forward. I have captured the whole process on video, so now it is possible to go back to some moments of this struggling process and watch the ups and downs of it, as well as the doubts and decisions that permeated the entire process.

timpano-lamp (7).jpg

When this sculptural lamp was finished it was also transformed into an NFT through the process of Photogrammetry. So now it is also part of the digital realm in a collection called Substance.

Materials: Steel mesh and cold porcelain.

Dimensions: 300x250x50cm

Year: 2022

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